Heike Dempster’s Top Picks | Miami Beach 2020

My writing, studies and research are predominately focused on the Caribbean, Africa and the Diaspora, which strongly influences the art and artists I personally collect. Once the art is in your home you engage with it not just visually on a daily basis. Any subject matter the artist investiagtes, or any conceptual considerations that are part of artworks in your home, become part of how you engage with the world around you.

Genesis Tramaine, Catching Fish, Acrylic, Oil sticks, Spray Paint, Yeshua, 2020.
Devan Shimoyama, Caution to the Wind, oil, colored pencil, glitter, collage, fabric and jewelry on canvas stretched over panel, 2020.
Marielle Plaisir, M.Ali, The Malediction of Cham, Acrylics, inks, Hand made embroidery on canvas, 2020.
Hiba Schahbaz, Pink Mountain, Watercolor and tea on paper, 2020.
Theresa Chromati, In between space… (Note from a scrotum flower: I’ll be with her when she stands again. There to illuminate the way when her darkness wraps tightly. There to offer balance in breath and movement. There until she realizes I am her and she is me. Perhaps she knows, but enjoys the idea of external company), Acrylic and glitter on canvas, 2020.
Adebunmi Gbadebo, A Dilemma of Inheritance: Pages 7, 15, 10, Black hair, cotton, rice paper, and printed photographs on rice paper, 2020.
Gio Swaby, Pretty Pretty 1, thread and fabric sewn on canvas, 2020.
Adébayo Bolaji, Transmissions, Mixed media on coarse grain jute canvas, 2020.
Ayobola Kekere-Ekun, High Stakes. Suit 3. No 4., Mixed Media (Paper and acrylic on canvas), 2020.



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